Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday, Monday

My weekly page update:
missing image - tschierva4sm.jpg
Chamanna Tschierva in Bernina, Switzerland by Hans-Jorg Ruch Architektur.

The updated book feature is Smart Architecture, by Ed van Hinte, Marc Neelen, Jacques Vink, and Piet Vollaard.

Some new blogs - at least to me - for your enjoyment (all added to the sidebar under architecture::blogs):
Interactive Architecture dot Org
"A weblog about the emerging practice within architecture that aims to merge the digital virtual with tangible and physical spatial experience."

Architecture and Morality
"Musings on Architecture, Urbanism, Politics, Economics and Religion."

"Architecture on the bias" set to "promote the books, events, and 'friends of' ... Princeton Architectural Press."

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