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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Molting City

In the September 15 issue of New York Magazine, Justin Davidson admirably tackles the building boom of the last 15 years, looking at how buildings have transformed their immediate context. "The Glass Stampede" is a lengthy article (one I've yet to tackle, so I can't comment at length on the text here) with 52 before-and-after views of notable and not-so-notable buildings in Manhattan.

[110 Third Avenue by Greenberg Farrow Architects]

This is a case of the print version being more valuable than the online one, as the latter spreads the article across 23 pages, making comparisons of the various conditions rather difficult. I hope to post on this article again soon -- one I appreciate for its breadth and its all-in-one-place format -- once I've had a chance to read Davidson's words. In the meantime, most of the 52 conditions are presented below.

[The Glass Stampede]


  1. this is great, especially shop's addition

  2. super interesting. especially for one not living in new york. it's nice to see those comparisons, the good and the bad.

  3. I wonder if it's better inside...more light. But in the old building, you could probably open a window. Jane


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