Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Gift Books: 08 Edition

Like the last three years, I'm presenting a list of gift books just in time for the holidays. This year I'm presenting one each by 38 publishers.

010 Publishers:
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Space and Learning
by Herman Hertzberger
The third of the architect's "lessons in architecture" looks at schools, "one of the few areas in architecture today where designers are still able to define and influence human conditions."

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The Infrastructural City: Networked Ecologies in Los Angeles
edited by Kazys Varnelis
"A collection of photography, essays, and maps [that] looks at infrastructure as a way of mapping our place in the city and affecting change through architecture."

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The Public Chance
by Aurora Fernández Per, Javier Arpa
The first book in a+t's in common series presents 30 urban landscapes in the publisher's thorough and well-presented way it's known for.

AVA Academia:
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Basics Interior Architecture: Form + Structure
by Graeme Brooker & Sally Stone
One of a series of books on interior architecture aimed at students, the abundance of projects and illustrations make it appealing for others as well.

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Architecture a Synoptic Vision: A Prospectus of Developments from 1900 to Today
by Adrian Meyer & Susanne Kuhlbrodt
It's a book. It's a poster. It's a book and a poster.

Black Dog Publishing:
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Building Happiness: Architecture to Make You Smile
edited by Jane Wernick
"The nature of our environment and how we use it and how we are conditioned by it is considered in detail, particularly the ways this affects our sense of wellbeing or happiness."

Missing image - books08-charta.jpg
Giuseppe Ripa: Lightly
by Walter Guadagnini & Roberto Mutti
Italian photographer Giuseppe Ripa sets up his camera in the city's new convention center, the Milan Trade Fair, designed by Massimiliano Fuksas.

Chronicle Books:
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California Academy of Sciences: Architecture in Harmony with Nature
by Susan Wels
A case study of the building by Renzo Piano that aims to become "a model for sustainable design at an unprecedented scale."

Missing image - books08-daab.jpg
Contemporary Ecological Architecture
by Daab Books
"A selection of extraordinary international projects that impress thanks to their design and environmentally friendly construction."

Danish Architectural Press:
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Life Between Buildings: Using Public Space
by Jan Gehl
A classic text is back in print.

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Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction
by Nikolas Davies & Erkki Jokiniemi
"The most extensive and comprehensive dictionary for architects and construction professionals."

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Lacaton & Vassal
by Andreas Ruby
A monograph on the French architectural office.

Hatje Cantz:
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J. Mayer H.
by Henry Urbach
A monograph on the architect of the Parasol.

Institute for Urban Design:
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New York 2030 Notebook
edited by Jeff Byles and Olympia Kazi
Proceedings (and more) from a panel discussion of academics and professionals last year.

Lars Müller Publishers:
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Conditions: Snohetta : Architecture, Interior, Landscape
by Snohetta
The first monograph on the Norweigan firm.

Laurence King Publishing:
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A World History of Architecture, 2nd Edition
by Marian Moffett, Michael Fazio and Lawrence Wodehouse
"A detailed survey of Western architecture, including Pre-Columbian America, and an introduction to architecture from the Middle East, India, Russia, China and Japan."

MIT Press:
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Nurturing Dreams: Collected Essays on Architecture and the City
by Fumihiko Maki
"This collection of essays documents the evolution of architectural modernism and Maki's own fifty-year intellectual journey during a critical period of architectural and urban history."

Missing image - books08-moma.jpg
Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling
edited by Barry Bergdoll and Peter Christensen
The companion to this summer's exhibition on prefab housing.

NAi Publishers:
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Manuel de Solà-Morales: A Matter of Things
by Manuel De Solà-Morales
A monograph on the Spanish architect "with projects at the interface of architecture and urban planning."

Papadakis Publishers:
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Essays on Architecture
edited by Alexandra & Andreas Papadakis
A collection of essays from Papadakis's popular books on contemporary architecture.

Missing image - books08-phaidon.jpg
Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture
by the Editors of Phaidon Press
The sequel to the popular (and HUGE) atlas, with 1,000 projects built since the year 2000.

Princeton Architectural Press:
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Integrated Design in Contemporary Architecture
by Kiel Moe
"Taking sustainability to the next level, the emerging practice of integrated design provides the strategies to achieve high performance, low energy, and cost-effectiveness."

RIBA Publishing:
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Eco-Minimalism: the Antidote to Eco-Bling
by Howard Liddell
A book that realizes "going green" is really about paring down.

Missing image - books08-rizzoli.jpg
American Masterworks: Houses of the Twentieth & Twenty-first Centuries, Revised Edition
by Kenneth Frampton and David Larkin
A revised edition of the intelligent coffee table book on American residential architecture.

Missing image - books08-routledge.jpg
Heterotopia and the City: Public space in a postcivil society
edited by Michael Dehaene & Lieven De Cauter
A pricey academic book that seeks to clarify the concept coined by Foucault in the late 1960s.

Missing image - books08-skira.jpg
Aldo Rossi Drawings
by Germano Celant and Diane Ghirardo
A complete collection of Rossi's "sketches, drawings, concepts, watercolors, and collages from the early 1960s through to 1998."

Missing image - books08-springer.jpg
Marte.Marte: Architects
edited by Stefan & Bernhard Marte
A monograph on the Austrian firm.

William Stout Publishers:
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Aaron Siskind and Louis Sullivan: The Institute of Design Photo Section Project
by Jeffrey Plank
"A comprehensive photographic survey of Sullivan's architecture, [presenting] over 60 buildings."

Missing image - books08-taschen.jpg
Arts & Architecture, 1945-54: The Complete Reprint
by David Travers
Ten volumes with ten years of reprints of the magazine famous for its Case Study House Program.

Thames & Hudson:
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Formulas for Now
edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist
A unique volume with a diverse list of contributors, including Marina Abramovic; David Adjaye; John Baldessari; Matthew Barney; Louise Bourgeois; Thomas Demand; Elizabeth Diller; Olafur Eliasson; Brian Eno; Damien Hirst; Rem Koolhaas; Jeff Koons; Harry Mathews; Yoko Ono; Gerhard Richter; Nancy Spero; Rosemarie Trockel; Wang Jian Wei; James Watson.

Missing image - books08-toto.jpg
Glenn Murcutt: Thinking Drawing / Working Drawing
by Glenn Murcutt
One of two recent books on the Pritzker Prize winner, this one focuses on the architect's process as documented in hand drawings.

University of Chicago Press:
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Global Environmental History
by I.G. Simmons
The author looks "from 10,000 BCE to the modern day to present an incredibly rich and deep time overview of how we have come to our current state of ecological crisis."

University of Minnesota Press:
Missing image - books08-ump.jpg
Relearning from Las Vegas
edited by Aron Vinegar and Michael J. Golec
"For the contributors, as for scholars in an array of fields, the pioneering book [Learning from Las Vegas] is as relevant to architectural debates today as it was when it was first published [in 1972]."

Missing image - books08-walker.jpg
On Architecture: Collected Recollections on a Century of Change
by Ada Louise Huxtable
A selection of essays from fifty years of some of the best architectural criticism.

Wiley & Sons:
Missing image - books08-wiley.jpg
New Urban China
by Laurence Liauw
"This issue [of AD] focuses on how cities are being ‘Made in China’ today and how their development is to impact on the future of cities worldwide."

W.W. Norton:
Missing image - books08-wwn.jpg
Green Roofs in Sustainable Landscape Design
by Steven L. Cantor
A thorough and diverse selecion of case studies on one of the most popular design elements today.

Yale University Press:
Missing image - books08-yale.jpg
Felix Candela: Engineer, Builder, Structural Artist
by Maria E. Moreyra Garlock & David P. Billington
A monograph on the late Spanish architect and structural engineer.

Zone Books:
Missing image - books08-zone.jpg
La Jetée: ciné-roman
by Chris Marker
A beautiful shot-by-shot book (designed by Bruce Mau) of a classic science-fiction film is back in print.


  1. Great job! It´s a good collection of books, from differente perspectives. If I only had the time (and the money) to read half of them...I would only add one more: The endless City (

  2. Wow, what a selection, all looking tempting, Space and Learning by Herman Hertzberger caught my eye, I've just seen a new Primary School built here in Andalucia due to open next year. Fine if you like boxes.

  3. Appreciate the list! Found it on my search for a designer's secret santa gift, sent by


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