Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Gift Books: 2009.2

As in the last four years, I'm presenting a list of gift books just in time for the holidays. This time around I'm presenting one each by 50 publishers, posted in five digestible installments of ten each, in alphabetical order. Below is the second installment. Once posted, the rest can be found here.

Chronicle Books:
by Geoff Manaugh
"Insights in book form, combining history, urban exploration, science fiction, design, climate change, and city planning with the view that everything is relevant to architecture."

33: Understanding Change & the Change in Understanding
by Richard Saul Wurman
"Architect, designer, creator of the celebrated TED Conference, and prolific author Richard Saul Wurman's 33 chronicles the adventures and musings of an eccentric (yet oddly familiar) character: the Commissioner of Curiosity and Imagination."

London's Contemporary Architecture: An Explorer's Guide
by Kenneth Allinson
"Now in its fifth edition, the guide has been fully updated to cover the latest additions to the London skyline and buildings of architectural significance."

2G 48/49 Mies van der Rohe: Houses
edited by Moisés Puente
"New, specially commissioned photographs and commentary on 16 built and 21 unbuilt houses. This eagerly-anticipated publication contains a compendium of Mies' houses, built between 1906 and the beginning of the 1960s ... showing the enduring influence he has had over the whole of the last century in both Europe and the USA." Read my review of the book here.

Hatje Cantz:
James Turrell: Geometry of Light
edited by Ursula Sinnreich
"A lifelong explorer of perceptual psychology, Turrell is undoubtedly the most influential contemporary light artist, as well as one of America's most popular artists. In Geometry of Light, the first significant Turrell survey in many years, an extraordinary body of work covering several decades is assessed."

Details in Architecture
by Andrew Hall
"A study of the emerging trends in architectural detailing, with a strong focus on innovative design, enviro-sustainability and many aspects of cross-cultural design."

Berlin-New York Dialogues
edited by AIA New York
"Berlin–New York Dialogues explores the mechanisms of urban regeneration that are changing the built environment in Berlin and New York."

Hearts of the City: The Selected Writings of Herbert Muschamp
by Herbert Muschamp
"The pieces here—from The New Republic, Artforum, and The New York Times—reveal how Muschamp’s views were both ahead of their time and timeless."

L.A Forum:
After the city, this
by Tom Marble
"Using the structure of a screenplay to tell the story, architect Tom Marble takes the reader inside the minds of the people on both sides of the [Los Angeles real estate] development conflict - those seeing land as a commodity for profit, and those who see it as a valued resource for all to enjoy."

Lars Müller Publishers:
Ecological Urbanism
edited by Harvard University
"While climate change, sustainable architecture, and green technologies have become increasingly topical, issues surrounding the sustainability of the city are much less developed. The premise of the book is that an ecological approach is urgently needed both as a remedial device for the contemporary city and an organizing principle for new cities."