Monday, February 01, 2010

Archidose Updates

A few tidbits on my daily blog and weekly web page.

:: First, regular readers will probably notice a new sponsor in the top right corner of this page. Land8 Media is a "Targeted Ad Network for Bloggers of the Built Environment" and one I'm proud to join. Advertisers are picked for their relevance to the published sites. As of now the advertisers include Hunter Industries, John Wiley & Sons, Kerb, Vectorworks and others. Publishers now are landscape heavy (nothing wrong with that!) and include Design Under Sky, Land8 Lounge, Landscape + Urbanism, Veg.itecture, among others.

:: A weekly dose of architecture remains ad-free, though I've added a PayPal donate button for those who want to help keep it this way and have some money to spare.

:: Lastly, I'm in the process of migrating a weekly dose of architecture to WordPress. This should take a couple months, and it will hopefully be a big improvement over my old-fashioned and time-consuming html site. Stay tuned.