Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Self-Folding Origami Sheets

It's easy to see this having applications in architecture.

Similar is ShapeShift, featured previously.

Video found at Scientific American.


  1. Very interesting. I would also love to know how this works.

  2. According to the Scientific American article linked in the post, "The system...consists of a thin sheet of resin–fiberglass composite, just a few centimeters across, segmented into 32 triangular panels separated by flexible silicone joints. Some of the joints have heat-sensitive actuators that bend 180 degrees when warmed by an electric current, folding the sheet over at that joint. Depending on the program used, the sheet will conduct a series of folds to yield the boat or airplane shape in about 15 seconds."

  3. It´s known as memory structure, and it´s very used in the modern architecture, you must think in the uses that the combination of forms may offer us to create a newest buildings or interiors desings.

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