Interactive Tour: Bushwick Inlet Park

New York City has seen many physical changes in the last couple decades, but none as dramatic as what is taking place along its once industrial waterfronts. Abandoned piers and waterfront land has become the site for new parks along the East River in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. A stretch of the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn has also seen the creation of waterfront housing. Combined with the neighborhood’s rapid gentrification, there has been a desire for open space, part of it satiated by the Bushwick Inlet Park, designed by Kiss + Cathcart, Architects with Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners.

Click on the photograph below to launch the interactive tour of Bushwick Inlet Park.


  1. Nice project. I like how the front posts seem to have a rhythm to them. Most posts/ columns are just regular spacing. The design here feels light and dynamic. Nice.

  2. Cool piece - are you planning to do more interactive tours? You should check out Freshkills Park for another project.

  3. Yes, the plan is to do more on a fairly regular basis (one every couple months to start; this is the second one), and projects in NYC are easiest for me. I've yet to head out to Fresh Kills, but thanks for the input. Perhaps next year when it's warmer it would be good to do a tour.


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