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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Architects Choosing Biz Cards?

When I saw this spot for Vistaprint business cards recently, immediately I was surprised that the company selected an architect as a professional to sell the service. After all, what architect – after a moment of inspiration involving water spilled from a plastic cup, no less – would rightfully select a readymade style and customize it rather than designing it herself? I've worked for a few architects in my day and all of them designed their own business cards. It's what architects do.

Vistaprint says, "You have a vision. We have your card." Sorry, Vistaprint, but the architect portrayed in your ad has no vision – the fake firm's logo even has a compass in it!


  1. That's funny, cause I was having that conversation with a co-worker like 3 days ago. Agreed, no self-respecting Architect would ever use a "pick your design" service for business cards or websites.

  2. The problem is that you can also print your own design on vistaprint (just upload the pdf of your carefully crafted architect business card), vistaprint becoming therefore just a basic large-scale printer with quality paper for reduced price.

    With that in mind, it seems like this article appears completely gratuitous and worthless.

    1. My post is about the commercial, not all of Vistaprint's services. In the ad the "architect" selects a design and customizes it rather than designing a new one. My focus is on how architects are portrayed in advertising (the whole focus of my arch-advertising tag) and to me it's problematic in this ad -- far from worthless in my opinion.


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