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Here are some photos of the Burnham Pavilion in Chicago's Millennium Park by Zaha Hadid. Photographs are by The New No. 2.

The pavilion sits next to another specially-commissioned pavilion by UNStudio, featured on my weekly page. UNStudio's pavilion opened on June 19th and Hadid's on August 4th; both are on display until October 31st.

Burnham Hadid Pavillion - Green 1

Burnham Hadid Pavillion - Blue

Burnham Hadid Pavillion - Green 2

Burnham Hadid Pavillion - Interior

Hadid Pavillion Detail

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  1. usually i don't like anything she puts out, but this is actually quite nice. the lighting goes very well with the sculpture.

    maybe she should just stick to inflatable light sculptures, and give up the "permanent structures" gig...

  2. Woah, that is really nice

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  4. Have you actually been to the pavilion archaalto? Because it's not really that nice. It works on one level and that's as an art installation as it appears here glowing an array of colors. As a pavilion it is not good. The UNStudio pavilion is much better. Not to mention her pavilion was 7 weeks behind schedule when it finally opened.

  5. The ropes in the interior shot make me think that 1) fabric might not be the most appropriate skin for this type of pavilion, and 2) the design was not fully thought through.

  6. The reason the structure took 7 weeks to complete was because the first fabricator could not complete it. The second fabricator finished the project within a month. I also think Fabric was a very good choice considering that the installation will probably travel and need to be dismantled and assembled again at other locations. Lastly, the lightweight of fabric and hollow metal saves on shipping cost and there is virtually no waste.

  7. thanks for posting this John... I'm heading to Chicago in a couple of weeks and didn't know about this... just another piece to add to my list of things to see/photograph :)

  8. Steve - Do you know if it will be reassembled elsewhere? Given that it was commissioned for the centennial of Chicago's Burnham Plan, I would guess it won't. Considerations of recycling/reuse would seem to want to take precedent over transportability in this case. I agree that lightweight makes sense, but wear over it's short installation time frame should be addressed in some way. It doesn't appear to be.

  9. @ jesus:
    i never said it was a good pavilion-in fact it's total crap as a pavilion [the dangling chain guard rails? seriously...]

    i said it was decent as a light sculpture...

  10. @archaalto:
    Fair enough. I was at the pavilion a day after it (finally!) opened and the chain guard rails were not there. Rather there were lots of footprints all over the fabric and a security personnel yelling at people not to "climb" on the pavilion.

  11. Fantastic use of colour, light and curves.


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