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Archives Universum 01

Archives Universum 01: Flores & Prats Carlos Quintáns  C2C Proyecto Editorial , December 2021 Paperback | 6-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches | 148 pages | English/Spanish | ISBN: 9788412162530 | 15€ BOOK DESCRIPTION ( via Flores & Prats ) : Archives-Universum is a line of publications by C2C, arising after years of visiting different architects’ studios and noticing how life intermingles with work. Universum represents the awareness of how intense and interesting their work becomes, and the need to explain it in detail, to share it. Universum seeks to document a specific moment, providing a portrait of work-life spaces and adding an explanation of the projects that are underway at that moment in the studio, believing that they will be significant to its future. The narration of each Universum is two fold: a photographic one in which the images are shown, joined or cut, to offer unitary or multiple visions; and another written one that gathers texts that can explain that process of wor

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