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Green Architecture

Green Architecture: Vo Trong Nghia & The Work of VTN Architects Preface by VTN Architects; Introduction by Vo Trong Nghia; Interview by Vladimir Belogolovsky; Edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers , May 2021 Hardcover | 8-1/2 x 11 inches | 320 pages | English | ISBN: 9781946226464 | $59.00 PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION : "Vietnamese cities have lost their tropical beauty. They have turned into concrete jungles just like Bangkok or Jakarta.” Vo Trong Nghia In a context of rapid urbanization and environmental crisis, Vietnam, like many other countries across the world, requires innovative new architectural solutions to improve the lives of its urban residents. Green Architecture showcases the multi-faceted responses to these challenges conceived by the award winning studio VTN Architects, led by Vo Trong Nghia, in which the emphasis is placed on bringing greenery back to cities in a holistic and sustainable manner. Through detailed illustrated breakdowns of

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