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A few weeks ago I decided to start giving away books featured on this blog, starting with a copy of the catalog and activity guide from this year’s Exhibit Columbus, New Middles , which I sent to the first person who correctly answered a trivia question about that Midwestern bastion of modern architecture. Today I'm giving away a copy of Raw Earth as a Construction Material , a technical guide to compressed earth blocks by LEVS architecten, the Dutch firm that has realized many buildings with CEBs. Similarly, the recipient will be based on correctly answering a bit of trivia. The venue for the giveaways is this blog's weekly newsletter , which goes out (almost) every Sunday at 11am EST. If you're not already signed up for the newsletter — it's free, by the way — you can do so right here . And if you subscribe via Gmail, be sure to check your promo folder, as Google has a way of pushing newsletters like mine into that version of purgatory. Note: Due to the prohibitive co

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