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Leaves of Iron

Leaves of Iron: Glenn Murcutt, Pioneer of an Australian Architectural Form by Philip Drew Angus&Robertson, 1991 (first published in Australia in 1985 by The Law Book Company Limited) Paperback | 10-1/2 x 11 inches | 148 pages | English | ISBN: 9780207173271 | AUST $39.95 DESCRIPTION FROM BACK COVER : For over 200 years, Australia has been searching for its identity. Often, this has led to the imposition of inappropriate European cultural values on a very different, very harsh, southern continent. In architecture, most of all, the manifest error of implanting old world styles in this new world landscape has led to a desperate need for an open, independent architecture. That need is answered by Glenn Murcutt and his development of a strong and attractive, yet practical, architectural form. He has achieved this through a close scrutiny of, and a great sensitivity for, Australian landscape and climate. In Leaves of Iron , Philip Drew has produced a work which, in its sensitivity an

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