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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's archidose #434

20100610-DSC_0273, originally uploaded by sina.bear.

Landmarke Lausitzer Seenland in Senftenberg, Germany by Stefan Giers, 2008.

According to Detail, "By 2010, as part of an international building exhibition, the largest lakeland landscape in Europe is to be created in eastern Germany, using former lignite mining excavations. ... this 30-meter-high steel viewing tower has been erected as a symbol of the transformation of the region. ... a staircase sculpture ... [leads] up to a viewing platform at the top."

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  1. I took this picture and I just wanted to add a little bit of context about this building exhibition...It is called IBA See and it is a 10 year international building exhibition attempting to transform a former coal mining region into a summer destination. The shear scale of this redevelopment is incredible. They are turning former surface coal mining sites into a series of artificial lakes that will be the largest artificial lakes in Europe. This was the first completed structure for the IBA and serves as a focal point for the exhibition. I was in Germany for a architecture study abroad and the site for our studio project was part of the IBA. We were given a tour of the area by the project manager and got to see a number of the finished and in progress projects. Here is a link for a few more pictures from the area.

  2. largest artificial lakes in Europe?! i really like this picture, it captures the monument beautifully. -khaharet

  3. Great photo Sina - as someone who takes a lot of architectural photos it would be tempting to square up the structure, but the way you've presented it is much more dynamic.

  4. Hey Andrew thanks. I was clicking through your profile and saw that you are a principle at an architecture firm out in Seattle. I really liked the work you guys have done and I am actually an architecture student at the University of Cincinnati. If your firm is interested in hiring an intern for the Winter I would love to give you my portfolio or you can just look at it here
    It would be great to hear back from you.

    Sina Almassi


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