About dDAB

A Daily Dose of Architecture Books (dDAB) is written by John Hill. It is the successor blog to A Daily Dose of Architecture (2004-2018) and A Weekly Dose of Architecture (1999-2014). Established in 2019, dDAB presents recently published architecture books using this weekly structure:
  • Monograph Mondays (that most popular, lasting form of the architecture book)
  • Technical Tuesdays (books on construction, design, drawing, materials, practice, technology, etc.)
  • World Wednesdays (books on cities and suburbs, regional architecture, travel guides, landscapes, photography, etc.)
  • History/Theory Thursdays (histories and theories of architecture but also criticism and the like)
  • Free-for-all Fridays (books that don't fit neatly into the above categories or maybe even veer outside of architecture)
  • Wayback Weekends (older books I want to highlight, often related to a title from earlier in the week)
How will I know if these are books worth featuring? Like the book reviews I've done for years, the dDAB posts will not be blind recommendations; they will be based on firsthand experience with the books, either with print or PDF versions, and will therefore have my commentary. In turn, each post will have a consistent format:
  • Title, author, publisher, and date of publication
  • Cover image
  • Publication details (hard/softcover, book size, page count, # pages and illustrations, language(s), ISBN #, cover price)
  • Description from the publisher
  • dDAB commentary
  • Spreads from inside book
  • Author bio
  • Referral links
Are you an author or publisher with a book you'd like to see on this blog? Just email me information about your book for consideration.