A Weekly Dose of Architecture Books (A Daily Dose of Architecture Books from 2019-2021) is written by John Hill, editor-in-chief of the World-Architects Magazine. It is the successor blog to A Daily Dose of Architecture (2004-2018) and A Weekly Dose of Architecture (1999-2014). 

Curious about me, John Hill? My CV is online at LinkedIn and the books and other articles written by me are on this page on this blog.

This blog presents reviews of recently published architecture books, typically one a week. How will I know if these are books worth featuring? Like the book reviews I've done for years, the posts will not be blind recommendations; they will be based on firsthand experience with the books, either with print or PDF versions, and will therefore have my commentary. In turn, each post will have a consistent format:
  • Cover image
  • Title, author, publisher, and date of publication
  • Publication details (book size, page count, cover price, etc.)
  • Description from the publisher with link to book page on publisher's website
  • Author bio
  • Referral links
  • Review
  • Spreads and/or images from inside the book
  • A list of books and articles for further reading
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Are you an author or publisher with a book you'd like to see on this blog? Just send me information about your book for consideration — via an email to archidose[at]yahoo[dot]com or by using the contact form at left.

**NOTE: Referral links and links in the book reviews point to websites (Amazon, AbeBooks, Bookshop, etc.) where I may earn a small commission if you buy a book or make other purchases.**

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