Lustprojection in Stuttgart, Germany by jatsch laux

The following text and image are by the studio of jatsch laux, in collaboration with Markus Mayer, for an installation at the Schloss Solitude Palace in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Baroque lust-palace "solitude" was built 1763 by duke Carl Eugen as a retreat from representation. It was designed to express the complex feeling of "lust", accomplished through a variety of sensual and artistic experiences found in and around the building.

Today, the interest in the topic of "lust" is heightened as our society reacts to an increasingly technological orientation and the resultant perceived loss of sensuality.

Lustprojection at Schloss Solitude expresses the theme of lust and ambivalence. It creates an environment for a new understanding through disorientation. The complexity of emotions experienced through lust is symbolized in this work.