SoHo Loft

SoHo Loft in New York, NY by Architecture Research Office (ARO), 1999

The following text and images are by the New York firm Architecture Research Office for a 7,000 square-foot SoHo loft, completed in 1999.

This residence, which occupies the 6th floor, 7th floor and roof of a former SoHo warehouse, is flooded with natural light from several exposures. The design responds to the daily and seasonal cycles of the sun; new openings in the existing walls, floor and roof connect the levels, allowing increased light, views and movement throughout the interior. New walls create intimate areas for private activities while retaining the loft's essentially open plan.

The position of the sun during the day determined the distribution of the main living spaces on the 7th floor. The master bedroom receives morning light from the east; the kitchen and dining room face south; west light enters the living room; indirect north light diffuses into the library.

Materials were selected and detailed for their light-related qualities: color, texture, reflectivity and transparency. Roof plantings add another layer of light-related animation to the residence.