Private Residence

Private Residence in Teton County, Wyoming by Stephen Dynia Architects

Their office located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stephen Dynia Architects designed this Private Residence in the state's Teton County. The natural beauty of the site is evident in the view at left, the small residence barely peeking above the surrounding treetops. In response to these conditions the architects responded with a design that combines "thoughtful, innovative design solutions with thorough and precise technical services."

With dramatic views of the mountains the exterior wall is primarily glazed, allowing the client a protected gaze upon the landscape. In certain areas the glass slides away to allow the outside to enter into the comforting abode. Also the concrete slab the house sits on continues uninterrupted outside the house, linking inside and outside in the horizontal plane, as the glass links them in the vertical. The image at left illustrates the treatment of the adjacent landscape of concrete at a micro scale - adjacent to the house - in addition to the macro scale of the mountains beyond.

Inside, the residence is open and loft-like spatially and in plan. Materials vary between glass and metal to wood and concrete. The use of natural materials, in combination with industrious metals, provides for the openness worthy of such a site.

Stephen Dynia Architects, P.C. is an architecture, planning and interior design firm, established in 1993 as a small design "workshop" specializing in residential and commercial projects.