Zachary Residence

Zachary Residence in Zachary, Louisiana by Studio Atkinson

The following text and images are by New York City's Studio Atkinson for their design of the Zachary Residence in Zachary, Louisiana.

The Zachary House utilizes the vocabulary of traditional agrarian architecture of the southern United States and attempts to suppress the apparent hand of the architect for a deeper connection to the Southern culture and landscape.

Built as a retreat for a recently retired couple, the house is divided into public and private realms by a deck, which serves as an exterior room defined by a tree canopy. Roof and walls are covered in the same materials, and windows and doors are suppressed visually, as a means to make poetic connections to both the local and universal.

A removed chimney anchors the house and the ‘dogtrot’ configuration with a central yet exterior breezeway adding emphasis to the cooling of the house.