Red Light Platform

Red Light Platform in Rotterdam, Netherlands by Jasper Jägers Architecture

The following text and images are courtesy jasper jägers architecture for their competition-winning RedLightPlatform.

Redlightplatform is a three dimensional red light district designed as an urban building and situated in the center of the city of Rotterdam. Window, club and street prostitution are intertwined in such a way that these different kinds of prostitution, along with their different urban typologies, complement each other. This results in an indoor urban eros plaza for street prostitution, a more confined internal promenade along the window prostitutes, a sky platform accessible by car with privacy but nonetheless a view of the city and a cluster of clubs and facilities for the Queens of the Night.

The eros center Redlightplatform is situated between Blaak, Boompjes and the Verlengde Willemsbrug on a plot which has been unused for years. Window prostitution, which is organized in a the three-dimensional S-shape, functions as the confined body of the platform. The tour along the window prostitutes takes place through the internal boulevard, with one side facing the ladies and on the other side offering a view of the city through a row of round openings in the wall. The boulevard's two entrances are at the Blaak and the Wijnhaven. The Redlightplatform's colored lights shine through the round openings in the wall towards the city in a mysterious way.

After taking a new traffic exit at the Verlengde Willemsbrug and paying at the gate one enters the roof-topped eros plaza. The wall between the eros plaza and the Oude Haven is designed in such a way that it houses supporting facilities such as one-hour hotels, (animation) bars, and care providers for the ladies. The local dealer is there too. In addition, you can find the ladies' living quarters here. And, at the Oude Haven side, the entrances of the clubs. An interplay emerges between the visitors in their cars, the lighting, the space of the square and the Queens.

After a lady is selected, the couple proceeds by car to one of the ramps above the sky platform. A natural distance occurs in this way between the ground level and this lovers zone. Here the paid love deed can take place in private but with a view of the skyline of Rotterdam. The sky park on the platform contributes to the privacy between the different visitors.