Trump's Tricks

With a recent piece at the Slatin Report, and a two-page spread in yesterday's pseudo-newspaper Red Eye, I'm becoming convinced that Donald Trump's motives behind his television show "The Apprentice" are to push his real estate rather than mine new profit areas, as I first surmised. Choosing a Chicago native and giving him the choice to stay in Chicago and manage his Trump Tower seems a bit more than a coincidence. Or as noted by Peter Slatin:

But the clincher came at the clinch, when Apprentice Bill was asked to choose from among two plum jobs...Live-broadcast images of Donald holding up a gleaming model of the Chicago development...will push up sales and prices [at Trump Tower]. If anyone was still wondering why Donald Trump wanted to do this television show, here was the answer.

Now, I'll admit that I never watched "The Apprentice" and don't have any desire to further promote Trump and his buildings, but it sounds like he's managed to pull one over on the public, stringing them along on his catch phrase like Bart Simpson. On second thought, at least Bart Simpson had more than one catch phrase.