Brown Line Delayed

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Transit Authority's (CTA) Brown Line expansion project is on hold after receipt of two bids well over budget. The $530 million project includes costs for land acquisition, demolition, and construction, though the two bids received - at $420 million and $540 million - are only for construction work.

What this delay means is that businesses being forced out, because of the addition of elevators and exit stairs and the lengthening of platforms, will be open a few months more. Most notable is Demon Dogs under the Fullerton stop, though I'll be glad to see Tiny Lounge (Addison stop) and Beans & Bagels (Montrose stop) sticking around that much longer.

Rendering of Fullerton station entrance
The fate of Demon Dogs.

Alderman Burton Natarus is nice enough to provide, on his web site, a PDF of all the Brown Line station designs, for your perusal.