Going, Going, Gone?

According to The New York Observer, New York Times architecture critic Herbert Muschamp is "getting tired of his current duties and intends to step down before long." The paper's cultural editor Jonathan Landman says about Herbert, "you don’t keep somebody past the point where they feel they’re doing their best work." Now I don't fully understand that quote, though I don't think Muschamp is in the midst of his best work. That happened some years ago.

Lately, he's come under fire from other critics for his focus on big-name architects and lack of coverage on lesser names or other aspects of the built environment beyond Frank Gehry's latest building.

(And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Herbert leave his post at the Times only to return years later, more popular and important than ever?)

Regardless of his recent record, he'll be missed, though as the Observer points out, "wrapping up Mr. Muschamp’s era as critic, Mr. Landman said, [is] entirely up to Mr. Muschamp," indicating he could be around longer than we might think. (via Archinect)