Mantz at Friedl

Via the Chicago Reader, German artist Gerhard Mantz's landscape animations are on display at Oskar Friedl, 300 West Superior.

Mantz's Vorübergehende Unsterblichkeit
Vorubergehende Unsterblichkeit

From Fred Camper's synopsis:
Though Gerhard Mantz's ten computer-generated landscapes at Oskar Friedl have the texture of digital creations, their designs are atypically and admirably sparse. Taking 19th-century landscape painting as his primary model, Mantz produces works that suggest the changed nature of Romantic aspirations in the digital age: Caspar David Friedrich's landscape paintings imbue his locales with magic; Mantz's repetitive surfaces are just as mysteriously subjective. The strangely melancholy beauty of these places can't be traversed--we're hopelessly distanced from nature.