Peterman at MCA

Friday night saw the opening of two exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago: Skin Tight: The Sensibility of the Flesh and Dan Peterman: Plastic Economies.

As an architect I was drawn to Peterman's work and found it much more stimulating, at least mentally. The Chicago-based artist uses recycling as a means to create his art and, more importantly, to explore how we use our natural resources, both what we make and what we do with those goods.

Peterman's 'Standard Kiosk' on the MCA's plaza

The show has many highlights in this, his first solo show in the US, including Standard Kiosk, situated on the MCA's plaza (above), Recent Recipes, an assembly-line presentation of food and other products compiled into a strange combination, and Villa Deponie, a single room completely made from recycled closed-cell foam. Highly recommended.