Yesterday Was The Day

Here's some photographs from last night's opening festivities at Chicago's Millennium Park. Although gray at times, luckily the weather didn't give way to rain, though not making for the best photo weather. Nevertheless, enjoy.

Reference map for image locations.

BP Bridge (Frank Gehry):
1 - View from across Columbus Avenue, looking west
2 - View from across Columbus, with Sears Tower in the background
3 - Detail of landscape between snaking portions

Pritzker Pavilion Trellis (Gehry):
1 - View from the BP Bridge, looking west
2 - View looking southwest from stage left
3 - View looking southwest from under trellis

Pritzker Pavilion Bandshell (Gehry):
1 - View looking north before Orchestra performance
2 - Close-up view before performance
3 - View looking north during performance
4 - Detail of bandshell structure

Millennium Park Map

"Cloud Gate" (Anish Kapoor):
1 - Overall view from the northeast
2 - View on axis from the south
3 - View of the underbelly

Crown Fountain (Jaume Plensa):
1 - View from the north as fountain commences
2 - Close-up view of spitting fountain
3 - Close-up of LED display

Lurie Garden:
1 - View from the south on main path
2 - Detail of travertine wall and landscaping
3 - Detail of steel plate water overflow