Comics on the Verge

If you're an architect, you probably read books with lots of pretty pictures. And if you read books with pictures, you probably love comics, too. No, not Archie, Jughead and the Gang, but the comics of Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, and others.

The growing appeal of comics, graphic novels, and the like is witnessed in the recently published McSweeney's Issue 13, devoted to comics in all shapes and sizes, and edited by Chicago's own Chris Ware; and the new exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, "Raw, Boiled and Cooked: Comics on the Verge". Inspired by Raw, the 1980's magazine, the exhibit includes co-founder Spiegelman, and about 40 other comic artists, pushing the boundaries of the comic medium.

Comics, comics, comics

The exhibition will be on display at the Cultural Center until October 3, with various programs along the way, including a concert by local musician/cartoonist Archer Prewitt (with Mark Greenberg) and screenings of "Hooked on Comix".

Thanks to Brandon P. for the head's up on this exhibition.