Book of the Moment

Labeled a "288-page mojo manual" in a Village Voice review, Daniel Libeskind's Breaking Ground: Adventures in Life and Architecture is sure to become the most popular architect book with non architects since...well, ever.

Missing Image - breaking_ground.jpg

With Daniel is one of the most popular architects in the world - thanks to his appointment as masterplan architect for the World Trade Center site - and amid lawsuits and other messes, this book has masterly timing. Regardless, after reading the above review which points out the parallels between Libeskind and Danny, the little boy in Kubrick's film The Shining (a parallel Libeskind makes in the book), I might just have to venture to the public library and check it out.

Update 10.26: A couple audio clips on Libeskind and his book:
Libeskind discusses his masterplan on, aired September 29,

and Libeskind talks on The Leonard Lopate Show, on the same day as above.