Phoenix First Assembly Childrens Pavilion

Phoenix First Assembly Childrens Pavilion in Phoenix, Arizona by DeBartolo Architects, 2004

The following text and images are courtesy DeBartolo Architects for their Phoenix First Assembly Childrens Pavilion in Phoenix, Arizona.

The program called for a worship space for 400 children from 1st through 6th grade. The children's church must prove a safe and highly visual environment where elementary-aged children can participate in a uniquely designed church teaching, involving drama, puppets, characters, stage scenes, special effects, music and video.

Completed in 2004, the children's pavilion concept began from the idea of providing the children with a shaded porch to meet, register and socialize before entering the building on the North and East sides. Beneath this 20' high and 30' deep shade porch is a series of ten glass roll-up garage doors which allow the 4,000 SF interior space to open up to the additional surrounding plaza, expanding the seating capacity from 400 to over 1,000 indoors and out.

Once inside the acoustically controlled environment - the focus is aimed toward the two solid elevations where the interactive teaching takes place. Glare is controlled by the strategic positioning of the building and the use of the tightly spaced hat channel trellis.

Theatrical lighting, video projection, as well as permanent and movable stage sets are provided for the children's church illustrated teaching. Integration of the technical elements with the building systems, along with the addition of full height curtains allow concealment of the stage sets allows for alternate uses of the space. The Children's Pavilion - which completes the youth campus of this regional church - opens onto a plaza with a cafe, performing arts center and gymnasium.