New Layout

As you can probably see the layout of this blog has changed (slightly). This is to accomplish a couple things:
1. Create permanent links on separate pages for each post
2. Integrate comments with the individual posts

The first appears to work for all new posts, starting with this one, although the second is not perfect...yet. It turns out that integrated comments with Blogger enable one to post either anonymously or as themselves, though the latter requires a Blogger account in order to work. I definitely don't want to require this, nor do I want "non Bloggers" to only post anonymously. So, because of this and the desire to keep my old comments, I'm offering the option of the Blogger comments and the old Haloscan comments which pop up in a new window. Hopefully this is a temporary fix as I try to figure all this out.

Otherwise, everything else is pretty much the same.



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