Media Frenzy

The local media jumped at the story when a fire broke out on the 29th story of the LaSalle Bank Headquarters at 135 South LaSalle.



I really don't care that programming was pre-empted for hours to cover the fire, but I think the story was blown waaaay out of proportion by the networks over many, many hours. Sure, the fire kept burning, and slowly grew, but it (supposedly) was never our of control. In some ways, the media was reacting to 2003's fire at the Cook County Administration Building that took six lives, though judging by Google News this is a story that people as far as Malaysia are interested in. Update 12.09: The Chicago Tribune continues its coverage of the Monday night fire, this time commenting on the LaSalle Bank Building's design, including the "wedding cake" tiers and operable windows, both helping limit the fire and aid firefighters.