Created Spaces

As much as I try to keep up with things, there's so much good stuff out there that many discoveries come long after they are new(s). One such example is something I've walked by many times, perhaps even stopping to glance at once a while ago. But not until today did I really notice the "Created Spaces" exhibit, part of the CTA's In-Transit Gallery

The exhibition of four photographic artists is easy to miss, though, as it's situated on the walls of a raised walkway linking the two platforms of the Merchandise Mart "L" Station. The south wall features pieces by Nicole Fedrow and Camila Olarte, though they didn't grab may attention as much as the pieces on the opposite wall by Amanda Bertany and Logan Ross, all students (at the time of the exhibit's opening last May) in Columbia College's Department of Photography. 

The following text is taken from the exhibition's description.

"Logan Ross creates his spaces as tiny models; structures built to evoke dreams and memories of places in his mind. Each of his images is a photograph of a cardboard environment that he constructs, colors and lights. The images echo his own dreams and memories, but these spaces, with their references to classical architecture and underground passageways are places many of us may visit in our dreams." 

"Working with a spare color palette, and minimal visual elements, Amanda Bertany abstracts the most ubiquitous of modern spaces: the white corners, walls and passageways that surround us every day. Amanda is interested in the various colors of whiteness. Her studies pare space down to its barest structure. The space almost evaporates, leaving only its trace behind."