Half Dose #2: Bellingham Museum

Ok, I didn't like the title "Partial Dose," so I've changed it to the more appropriate "Half Dose." Regardless of the name, here's the second installment:

From the Bellingham Herald: "A jury has selected Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects of Seattle to design a new art and children's museum planned for downtown Bellingham. The winner was announced Jan. 29."

Missing image - HD2a.jpg

While the museum is new, it will be an addition to the Whatcom Museum of History & Art; a new courtyard is oriented toward the existing building a couple blocks away.

Missing image - HD2b.jpg

The design's signature is the curved wall that defines an edge of the courtyard. The wall is envisioned as a translucent material that admits daylight during the day but can be used as a surface to project images upon - and achieve other lighting effects - at night.

-Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects.
-Announcement of winner in the Bellingham Herald.
-More images of the winning entry from the Bellingham Herald.
-Schemes by runners-up Cambridge Seven Architects and Nick Milkovich Architects.
-Whatcom Museum of History and Art.


  1. [Moved by web page administrator from original HaloScan comment box]:Yes, a stunning design by a fantastic firm. I suggest getting Olsen Sundberg Kundig Allen's monograph. Rigorous plans, fine details, with hints of Scarpa, Corbu and very grounded.

    Perhaps this museum will eclipse the failure of BAM, which was deigned by Steven Holl. In my opinion, Holl is not a good architect. He is more popular that his talents warrant and are enamored with his own armature water colors. I have seen his buildings and most of which are too idiosyncratic and poorly detailed. If you have seen a Holl building, you know exactly what I am speak of. The failure of BAM was not attributed to Holls’s design but a poorly derived business plan.


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