LTL Rising

Archinect reports on two restaurants opening this month in New York City, Xing and Tides, both by local firm Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis.

These two designs signal the firm's domination of NYC interior trends, as they explore space and surface via material and texture. Each design takes a single material as a departure for something entirely new and unexpected: Xing with acrylic and Tides with bamboo.

Missing image - LTL-xing.jpg
Xing's juxtaposition of acrylic, wood and stone

Missing image - LTL-tides.jpg
Tides' 80,000 bamboo skewers

Previous trend-setting NYC interiors by LTL include:

Missing image - LTL-lozoo.jpg
Lozoo (now closed)

Missing image - LTL-iniani.jpg
Ini Ani coffee shop

Missing image - LTL-fluff.jpg
Fluff Bakery, opened last year

Cool stuff, to say the least.


  1. Cool, indeed. I especially like the chandelier and felt/plywood surfaces in Fluff... and those bamboo skewers! Can't wait to go experience some of this stuff.

  2. I agree with eBohn, that bamboo ceiling is the bomb.


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