Philip Johnson Dead

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According to ABC News:
Architect Philip Johnson, who is credited with bringing some of the ideas of European modern design to the United States and transforming them into a uniquely American form, has died at his home in New Canaan, Conn. He was 98.

Thanks to Lil' G. for the head's up.

Update: More information here from the Houston Chronicle (via Archinect).

Another update: The New York Times has a lengthy obituary by Paul Goldberger that seems to have been written in anticipation of Johnson's death (or Mr. Goldberger has fast, nimble fingers.) A very good summation of this important figure's life.

(Last) Update: The New York Times has complete coverage, with the above Goldberger obit, an appreciation by Nicolai Ouroussoff, as well as old articles by Ada Louise Huxtable, Fred A. Bernstein, and others.


  1. [Moved by web page administrator from original HaloScan comment box]:So does that mean Lil G will be the second coming of PJ. Makes sense with two architects as parents.

    Sounds like a Reader personal.


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