Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Half Dose #9: Guthrie Theater

Doing a bit of work-related research earlier today I came across some images of Jean Nouvel's Guthrie Theater under construction, a project I'd seen a while ago only as a design, one that recalls Russian Constructivist projects of the early 20th century and contemporaries like Bolles + Wilson.

Missing image - HD9a.jpg

About five minutes after looking at the construction images online, the new issue of Architecture arrived, showcasing the Guthrie for its exterior skin: insulated steel panels with blue paint and pixelated images screened on top.

Missing image - HD9b.jpg

After the Guthrie Theater announced its plans for a new, relocated building, preservation groups stepped up to save the existing theater, one valued for its intimacy and acoustics but described by the owners as "cramped and separated." As planned, the existing building site would become the sculpture garden for the Walker Art Center, whose expansion by Herzog & De Meuron opens on April 17.

- Jean Nouvel's official page.
- Architectural Alliance, the local architect.
- Guthrie Theater's page on the expansion with construction images.
- Images that will be silk-screened to the exterior panels.
- Interview with Andrew Hartness , architect and 3d developer at Ateliers Jean Nouvel (with renderings and movies.)
- Save the Guthrie, a group dedicated to saving the existing Guthrie Theater.

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