McCormick's Signature Finalists

The Chicago Tribune reports that ten finalists have been chosen in the McCormick Museum Foundation's competition for a "Signature Work of Art." The museum will be located in the Tribune Tower and is set to open in Spring 2006.

The finalists - chosen from 690 entries from 34 countries - are:
:: Aaron Kadoch; Quechee, VT
:: Erik Hemingway & Rochelle Martin; Farmington Hills, MI
:: Matthew Kobylar & Javier Ayala; Chicago
:: Werner Klotz; New York, NY
:: BJ Krivanek; Chicago
:: Jason Pickelman; Chicago
:: Francine LeClercq; New York, NY
:: Michael Lewis, Norman Lee, Carl Rhodes; Houston, TX
:: Amy Larimer & Peter Bernheim; San Diego, CA
:: Brian Strawn & Karla Sierralta; Chicago
I'm curious to know how many entries were from countries other than the US, given that all ten finalists are from here, forty percent from Chicago.

Finalists "now must complete scale models for a second round. The winner may be named as soon as June."

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  1. why did they bother making it an open international competition when the projects are clearly being selected on the basis of nationality, even regional?

    wasn't a blind (anonymous) procedure used during selection?

    bet there were a few projects that made it through the process only to be cut from the final ten because of nationality. 34 countries, 690 projects but only Americans have the goods, nearly half from Chicago? Can you say, "the competition was rigged." ? What a joke.

  2. So tired of doing the work for this sort of competition when it always seems to have been a foregone conclusion from the outset.
    I become fodder for "fair practices".
    I know the idea and model drawing for a Paper Airplane that so superbly conformed to the stated requirements as I submitted it was at least one of the ten best they could have received, yet no finalist I. Why don't they just admit they wanted an architect and preferably from Chicago?

  3. I also found it disturbing that all of the finalists were American and a disproportionate number were from Chicago, given that the process was supposed to be "anonymous".

    The 7 member jury looked at the nearly 700 entries in 2 days. If you do the math that is 350 a day, or if they didn't look at everything as a group, each member still would of had to judge, a hundred each. Doesn't seem like much consideration to me.

  4. well the winners are clearly the best entry. one was originally from chicago, but that was not discovered until after chosen as a finalist, and they are both in fact san diegans, and have been for some time. also, there was a very french finalist, who happened to live in new york at the time, as well as a very german finalist. so they were not all in fact americans by nationality, but merely location.

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