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This month Apartment Therapy has been searching for the Smallest, Coolest Apartment in a contest voted on by readers. According to their page:
We've never accepted that a lack of space or budget are fatal when it comes to creating an inspiring home...we've learned there are always solutions -- the small, genius improvisations -- that can make even the most modest of real estate lovable...nothing inspires us more than the hand-made home, the stylish studio wedged into some urban crevice...the ultimate achievement in this category: the quintessential New York City apartment masterpiece.
The only guidelines are that the apartments must be under 500 s.f. and be in NYC's five boroughs. Skimming the thirty apartments in the running and looking at the images and the current state of votes, it's apparent that good photography is as important as good design and furnishings. The styles present are varied, definitely illustrating the occupant's tastes, part of the appeal of this competition.

Missing image - reno.jpg

Mine - and apparently many other people's - favorite is Jen and Roy's Minimalist Reno, a 420 s.f., minimalist one-bedroom apt. on the Upper West Side (living area and bathroom above). As you might have guessed, Jen and Roy are architects.

Final 5 will be presented Monday, May 2 with voting for the three winners until the end of that week.


  1. My favorite is #18. Go Rebecca, cram yourself into 185 sq feet.

    I like what contestant #25, Melissa, said, "I've decorated it on the cheap, so I regularly paint or rework the furniture to mix it up a bit." I think you have to with a small that small, otherwise its just a metal toilet and a bad draft away from being a prison cell.


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