Chicago Revealed

Starting June 10, photographs of Terry Evans will be on display in Chicago's Millennium Park. Titled Revealing Chicago: An Aerial Portrait, an online version of the exhibition is up and running already. The well-designed, interactive maps (political, physical, protected lands) stretch from the Kankakee River in the south and Portage, Indiana in the east to Geneva in the west and the Wisconsin border in the north, with an extra downtown blow-up. Thematic galleries (steel mills, neighborhoods, lakefront, suburbs, farming, etc.) provide additional browsing options. Either way, the photographs are especially beautiful, making the site a welcome distraction.

Here's a sampling:

Missing image - evans1.jpg
IIT Student Center by Rem Koolhaas

Missing image - evans2.jpg
City Farm near Cabrini Green

Missing image - evans3.jpg
Metropolitan Correctional Center by Harry Weese

Missing image - evans4.jpg

The exhibition is a collaboration between Openlands Project and Chicago Metropolis 2020.

(via Gapers Block)