On display now at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma are various structures scattered across the newly renovated grounds and gardens, as part of the exhibit LANDed: Innovative Garden Structures.

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Vines by MADE

In an essay on the exhibition, Brian J. Ferriso asserts "the LANDed structures create a garden experience like no other: a provocative experiential display of creativity that directly addresses the concept of the formal garden, its structures, and their relationship in the future."

The architects in the exhibition:
:: Della Valle + Bernheimer Design, Brooklyn (Butterflies)

:: designsubset, Austin (ROAMroom)

:: Lyn Rice Architects, New York ([AND]SCAPES)

:: MADE, Brooklyn (Vines)

:: Mitnick Roddier Hicks, San Francisco (Split/View)

Thanks to Eric M. for the head's up.


  1. Not to be too picky but Mitnick Roddier Hicks is from Ann Arbor not San Francisco.

  2. Call ahead before you go to the Philbrook. I went out of my way while driving near Tulsa to visit and discovered that construction was not complete. The small show of the Joseph McIlheny(?) mirrored glass work is really amazing but the piece of his at the MOMA is a much better installation.

  3. Yes, they are not all finished yet even now.

  4. I'm from Tulsa, beeeaaach.

  5. They are complete. Please visit.


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