Sustainable Vision

Archinect links to International's Special Report: Vision, which features visionaries like Norman Foster and Will Alsop, among many others.

Foster writes about the importance of building sustainably, the world's population growth, and the importance of living in cities. A sidebar online poll had the following unsettling, though unsurprising, stat when I voted:

Missing image - vision.jpg

I'll admit it's not the clearest question (Who is the we? Our elected officials? The public? Architects/Engineers/Developers? Whoever's voting?), but it definitely points to a lag between knowledge of a problem and application of solutions. In this case, the solutions will potentially take much longer to put into place than the very real impact of the problem.


  1. How dare you use the word "visionary" to describe will Alsop.

    He has about the same amount of "vision" as a rock.


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