Hamburg Calling

With both this week's dose and this week's past dose featuring buildings in Hamburg, Germany, this article at Spiegel Online struck me as a nice coincidence. It covers the city's ambitious reshaping of its harbor area, focusing on the Elbe Philharmonic project by Herzog & De Meuron. The concert hall would be housed in a renovated warehouse and an addition that sits atop the old brick structure.

Missing image - hamburg1.jpg
Elbe Philharmonic

Another interesting design is the "Living Bridge" by local architect Hadi Teherani (who also designed lofts in Falkenried, the area of this week's dose), a residential project that would span five stories in a bridge over the Elbe River.

Missing image - hamburg2.jpg
Living Bridge

These projects are part of what's being called "HafenCity" (harbor city), though city approval is still required for the designs to become a reality. They are unique and striking designs that - even if never built - should inspire cities on how to reuse their industrial waterfronts.


  1. Thanks for the Herzog & De Meuron update. Can't wait to see that.

  2. that bridge is almost like a contemporary take on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.. cool stuff.


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