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Billed as a "product source guide, annual desk reference, and encyclopedic resource directory", Felder's Comprehensive is directed at architects, contractors, engineers, and interior designers. It aims to make finding information easier, falling somewhere between smaller, narrow-focused references and the vast world of the internet. Most importantly, it isn't driven by advertising so its more thorough, though less flashy, than other references and guides.

Broken into ten sections (Awards, Competitions, Design Centers, Education, Events, Media, Museums, Organizations, Trade Shows, Manufacturers), the last takes up close to half of the book. Unfortunately it is the 2005 Edition's only glaring weak point, as the list of manufacturers isn't cross referenced by product type, nor is there any indication in the huge listing what each manufacturer does. (Hopefully this will be addressed in future editions.) Otherwise it is a thorough and well-put-together aid for those in the architecture and design professions.


  1. I just bought a copy last week; it’s really looks useful for all of the ancillary information about the profession. Having the Manufactures cross referenced would even make it better. Do you know if they have a web site with all of this information?


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