Lots O' Links

Getting over my negligence and finally sifting through my backlogged inbox, I re-discovered the following articles, projects, sites, etc. that people have suggested over the years months but I've never followed up on for one reason or another. It's a veritable grab bag of delights that I now pass on to you, dear reader.
:: The Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge
:: "Green-Based" Uban Growth
:: Frankfurt Lounge
:: Maderadisegno
:: Another Los Angeles (from Panos)
:: South Beach Architectural Photographs
:: MuNiMuLa
:: Manon Cafe New York
:: GaiDome3
:: Cinema Treasures
:: Krenneke: a blocked blog
:: Cyburbia
:: "Pioneers of Modern Design: From Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera"
:: Urbis
:: Time Capsule 21
:: iMage
:: Gallery 40000