Great Idea*

Even though I consult Galinsky just about every time I take a trip and have included it in my sidebar since the beginning of this blog, I've never noticed the Travel Packs.
Galinsky travel packs are condensed versions of the galinsky building pages for a particular area, collected together in an easily printable pdf format with accompanying map, for use when traveling. Currently we offer travel packs for Paris, New York, London, Japan and Switzerland.
The PDF files enable the traveler to print out the sheets (usually about twenty per city/country) and carry them along. Handy maps, directions and images make finding the buildings a breeze.

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Not to criticize them, but from my standpoint, most of the buildings are a bit obvious and a number of them can be found pretty easily with other means. For travelers who have less familiarity with Modern architecture but a strong curiosity and willingness to visit canonical buildings, they're perfect. But they make me think a guide to the more obscure, the more contemporary architectural sites around the globe would be just as interesting. Maybe something between the Galinsky Travel Pack and Atelier Bow-Wow's Made in Tokyo/Pet Architecture Guide Book.

Sounds like fun to me, so I'll put one together for New York City, a place I've visited enough to see places of unique interest, while knowing where they actually are and how to get there. It'll feature some or all of the NYC/Manhattan weekly doses but also much more. Stay tuned.

*And by Great Idea I mean Galinsky's, not mine. I'm just borrowing the idea.


  1. Better late than never :))

  2. I think Galinsky is great however agree that at times it lacks a bit of depth. The Japan section is a good case in point - the obvious buildings in Tokyo then a whole lot of Ando buildings.

    But they do offer contributions - and they pay for those published - so why not add your places there? I am hoping to add a few to the Japan section when I return.

    Or, hang on. This is a better idea:

    Start up a wikitravel-esque site catering to architecture-geek travellers. It could be updated by anyone but would have to ben moderated for quality etc. Could be fun...

  3. Marcus - Good suggestions.

    Again it appears I haven't dug deep into Galinsky. I had no idea they pay for contributions.

    I'll look into the Wikitravel. The whole wiki thing sounds cool, though I've yet to break the ice on it beyond reading wikipedia occasionally.

    One thing I like about the Galinsky guide is that it's formatted to be printed and hauled around. One could probably do two, or even four, per sheet so they can be clipped down to card size. Regardless, it looks like I should do some research on the possiblities before draining my life of even more free time.


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