Half Dose #17: Sudwestmetall

On Monday, October 3 Matthias Schuler of Transsolar will be speaking at the University of Illinois Chicago's School of Architecture. Transsolar see themselves as climate engineers, "a cross-disciplinary service that extends, as a total concept, from the architectural through the structural aspect to technical equipment for buildings."

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One of their completed projects is an office building for Sudwestmetall in Heilbronn, Germany. Designed by Dominik Dreiner, with structures by Werner Sobek, the low and long building is characterized by parallel glass walls surrounded by a woven mesh stainless steel wrapper.

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The siting and the reflective/transparent surfaces signal the importance of the surroundings in the building design, as much or even more than technical concerns.

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:: Dominik Dreiner
:: Transsolar
:: Werner Sobek
:: Photograph at You Are Here


  1. The building shown will kills birds all of the time. What a shame.

    The building owners will think it is bad luck on the part of the birds. They won't get that it is a direct result of the design choices.

    There is no reason why the building could not have been designed in a way to not be an environmental hazard and still get your attention.

  2. And I should have added: the architects will be long gone and never know what damage their work is doing to the environment.


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