Omotesando Update

A couple months after my Japan trip a year ago this month, I posted about Omotesando, a busy, tree-lined street in Tokyo that's home to Prada, Collezione, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tod's, and many others. It's that city's version of Chicago's Michigan Avenue, a point of reference for me or anybody who's visited the Windy City but not Tokyo. In that post I mentioned the Jingumae 4-chome Project, designed by Tadao Ando for mega-developer Mori. When I was there, the site had been cleared and fencing with marketing images rung the perimeter.

Missing image - 4-chome.jpg

A Japanese site, Architectural Photography, presents some in-progress images of the project. The unrelenting facade, dictated somewhat by the program and the long and narrow nature of the site, appears to actually work well with the trees marching up and down the street, the two making an allee for pedestrians.

Missing image - omotesando2.jpg

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  1. Yep, it is looking quite good. I was there the day before yesterday! The other end of Omotesando is not doing so well with a truly hideous thing going up right next to Prada... I will be posting images etc as soon as I get everything back in order.

  2. Thanks for recommending my site!


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