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A couple architecture blogs that just came to my attention, both worth checking out and both added to my sidebar links (under blogs::architecture):
:: mirage-studio
Eclectic blog by an architecture student, with items on Calatrava, anti-smoking ads and even AutoCAD pointers.

:: Architecture Sketches
Just like the title says, sketches from Botta to Utzon.


  1. I love the concept of the Sketches page, but it is unfortunate that the images posted are too small to see any detail. As a consequence the site is quite superficial, visually.

  2. For some that's fine. For others, like Murcutt's, that's unfortunate. It would be valuable to be able to read any text that accompanies the drawings.

  3. I love that! It certainly is unfortunate that the images are so small, but I take what I can take. Bookmarked on the spot.

  4. mirage studio is kind of different, at least he post articles on tutorials on architecture computing - e.g. plotting to scale and using photoshop + cad. more on passing down his knowledge rather than another architecture journal.

  5. Found architectureyp from mirage and architectural sketches, got plenty of useful links in it.

  6. Today I found another good architecture-related blog at http://doyouwantcoffee.blogspot.com/


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