Door Is Ajar

Gregory Crewdson is all over the place these days.

Missing image - roses1.jpg

An exhibition of his latest series, "Beneath the Roses", at White Cube earlier in the year.

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Part of the "The New City: Sub/Urbia in Recent Photography" exhibition currently at the Whitney.

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Part of "the real ideal: Utopian Ideals and Dystopian Realities" exhibition at Sheffield Galleries and Museum Trust.

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And articles all over the place.

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His surreal, David Lynch-esque photographs are cinematic undertakings, usually requiring multiple bodies for extensive and elaborate staging (especially with lighting) and just as much time and effort with computers during "post-production". For me, the payoff is worth it. Not all of his series appeal to my senses, but this latest series hits me just right.


  1. I think these pictures ar remarkable thanks for putting them up

  2. I usually check out some thread of your wonderfully rich site daily and have been consistently rewarded with some new and remarkable revelation. Today's offering makes it impossible to not, yet again, thank you immensely! Lucy (visual artist)

  3. Thanks for bringing Crewdson to my attention. I didn't much fancy the exhibition in Sheffield - which I walk past every day to work - until I saw your posting. I investigated. The pictures are even more amazing in their true size. They look like paintings without brush marks. Hopper-esque and haunting. Stories implicit and explicit. Well recommended. Ta muchly.

  4. Haunting. They are like theater scenes, with actors and props, but using real streetcsapes as the stage set. This approach to photography has been a frowned upon for a long time, like doctored Soviet political photoraphs or the phony Civil War after-battle scenes.

    But these are clearly something different. With photoshop now almost undetectable, the notion that photographs are true representations is finally an obsolete notion. These images are a compelling exploration of the new reality.


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