Half Dose #19: Palace Fouquet's Barriere

This 80-room hotel, located on the Champs Elysees and set to open in 2006, is designed by Edouard Francois for the Groupe Lucien Barriere. The corner addition connects to its neighbors to create a unified hotel, while also linking aesthetically between the two.

Missing image - HD19a.jpg

This last is accomplished by copying a Hausmanian building on the Champs Elysees and creating its replica in a moulded concrete facade.

Missing image - HD19b.jpg

Given that this articulated facade doesn't relate to the interior rooms, openings are punched into the concrete wherever necessary, creating a mash of (traced) old and new.

Missing image - HD19c.jpg

This concept is a very intriguing approach for relating to, and integrating with, historical buildings. It falls somewhere between contemporary buildings that strive for contrast and neo-traditional buildings that use less-literal means of copying. Reminiscent of artwork by Rachel Whiteread, it's a design that I hope receives widespread press when complete, as it's an idea ripe for discussion if not replication.

:: Groupe Lucien Barriere
:: Eduard Francois


  1. I'll be interested in seeing this complete. From the pictures you show I think it's a really lazy approach to solving the context problem.

    In fact it doesn't solve it at all really.

  2. Awful, like some discarded shell that has been colonised, where is the courage to do a real building not some copy made of stamped concrete.
    A disgrace.

  3. very very weird.. I don't like the idea at all

  4. very very weird. I love it!

  5. I visited this project and thought it actually worked quite well considering its context.


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