Book Review: Light Is the Theme

Light Is the Theme: Louis I. Kahn and the Kimbell Art Museum, words by Louis Kahn, compiled by Nell E. Johnson

Featuring "Comments on Architecture" by Louis Kahn and beautiful black and white photographs of the building under construction and after completion, Johnson's short book is a great companion to the building (and Michael Benedikt's essay Deconstructing the Kimbell). Years after the building's completion, and the death of its architect, the Kimbell has become one of the greatest singular achievements of 20th-century architecture. Kahn's poetic and "roots" sensibilities find a clarity of purpose in the Kimbell, though it has persevered for so long also for its openness to interpretation. While this book doesn't substitute for a visit to Fort Worth, Texas and seeing the building in person, it helps one to see the intangible qualities that come across in something so solid and full of light.