Got Sprawl?

This week's Chicago Reader includes a review (PDF) of UIC professor Robert Bruegmann's potentially controversial book Sprawl. While not a polemic for sprawl, the "compact history" is much more kind to the phenomenon than texts by the likes of James Howard Kunstler that paint it as a purely destructive force.

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In addition to Harold Henderson's review in the Reader, Witold Rybczynski wrote this review for Slate published a month ago.


  1. An excerpt from Sprawl: A Compact History by Robert Bruegmann is available on the website of the Univesity of Chicago Press.

  2. If it interests you, there's a post about this on BLDGBLOG: Suburban earthworks. It's Sprawl via some cool photos of land being cleared & reset before the developers move in. Check it out -

  3. Sprawl: A Compact History

    Get it? I thought that was funny. Haha, good one.


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