Tears in My Beer

It was announced today that the 107-year old Berghoff on Adams in Chicago's Loop will be closing its doors at the end of February.

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  1. First Field's, now Berghoff, next Malnati's.

  2. what a shame all of these chicago landmarks are closing. More multinational corporate ugliness

  3. It's sad to lose Berghoff's. It means something, because the place is real and the atmosphere is real.
    Losing Field's meant less to me- almost nothing- because for decades those stores had little authenticity of place. They had been lobotomized.

  4. Thomas Beeby ( Director of Design for Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge & former Dean at Yale ) has been talking his Connecticut-based studios there for years. Everyone got a real wurst and a beer on their Chicago studio trips. The pilgrimage is almost an institution. I mourn for both the city of Chicago and architectural education.

  5. What is it with architecture professors taking their students to the Berghoff. Tom Peters (Lehigh U.) used to take his students there while doing research for BATI. I went 2 or 3 times and fell in love with the place. The food was amazing, the atmosphere perfect and the bourbon (and beer) was damn good. Anyone want to send me a bottle?

  6. I saw a really good poll about Fields. Ill be sad to see it go. Sure it wasn't local anymore but it was a part of Chicago...
    Here is the link:


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